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the fear

10/21/2016 10:48 am

starting low and building yourself up in the place you want to be?

where do i want to be?

we don’t ask ourselves this question enough.

I want to be outdoors
I want to make films, share experiences
I want to travel
...find love and be in it all day everyday.

That’s my manifesto. My goal.

How to achieve that goal?

That’s the fun part smile

the fear of starting over


10/21/2016 07:35 am


10/18/2016 03:24 pm
  • Annapurna
  • Aconcagua
  • Iceland (everywhere)
  • Norway (everywhere)

it’s doable.


09/30/2016 09:48 am


09/11/2016 11:37 pm

thinking of naming him “Mather” - pronounced “math - er” after Mather Pass, the toughest pass I went over on the JMT.

strollers of fire

09/11/2016 11:35 pm

Evolution Lake

09/07/2016 12:05 am
Spot the planets… @ Evolution Lake / Muir Pass A photo posted by Benjamin Bixby (@benjaminbixby) on

Lake Virginia

09/07/2016 12:04 am
Lake Virginia A photo posted by Benjamin Bixby (@benjaminbixby) on

jmt tunes

08/11/2016 12:51 pm


08/11/2016 12:27 am
Men do not fear death,
they fear the pain of dying.
- Apsley Cherry-Gerrard

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